Design leader with 15+ years of wisdom in uncovering actionable insights to solve problems, mediate/resolve conflicts, and transform obsolete practices and behaviors:

Solves problems by listening to various points of view across all levels in an organization, and brining them to light, getting alignment with stakeholders for resolution and implementation of appropriate solutions.

Leads workshops and user research efforts to create service blueprints, get holistic pictures of cross-functionaluser journeys, identify recurring issues and pain-points, and provide actionable insights for product strategy and priorities. Disseminate Design Thinking and Agile methodology to teams and groups which may be antagonistic or unfamiliar with these processes.

Mentors UX designers/researchers across various geographies, on mediating conflicts between users, product managers, developers, and business stakeholders to improve morale and efficiency.

Read Resume for more details
To receive a password-protected potfolio of the problems I've solved and the outcomes I produced in my past work, contact me.

Read Resume for more details
To receive a password-protected potfolio of the problems I've solved and the outcomes I produced in my past work, contact me.

Experience Highlights

What People have said


Three Pillars of My Design Leadership

1. Servant Leadership

I aim to lead by serving others - through active listening, empathy, and being agenda-free. True service, to me, means to serve without any expectation of results, approval or anything in return. (Easier said than done.) I exist to remove obstacles, mentor others, and lead by doing my best to serve.

2. Intersectional Point of View

Being atypical (Asian, non-binary, neurodivergent) means I see things from a unique, intersectional point-of-view. Wherever I go, I create a sense of safety for others to be authentic and vulnerable at work, which allows the team to take calculated yet bold risks, fail fast, and succeed.
Read my article, "Designing for neurodivergent users and users with disabilities is good for all users" published in Bootcamp on Medium.com

3. Power of the Collective Wisdom

I have experienced that the best solutions often come from everyone coming together (regardless of role or function) and listening to one another, without attachment. This active and detached listening creates an opening, a silent space for innovative and amazing solutions to emerge.

What can I do for You?

Based on the 20+ years of experience in design and leadership, these are the three main things I have excelled at in various organizations.


1. Cross Functional Leadership

With experience in starting both a for-profit business and a non-profit organization, as well as working for startups and multi-national corporations, Through Design Thinking & problem-solving workshops, I can lead groups of people from various roles, levels and functions who may have conflicting interests, to align on a shared vision and implement it.


2. Stakeholder Management

I am great at managing stakeholders with varying expectations and levels of comfort with design and technology. I aim to be as objective, neutral and diplomatic as possible, without the need to prove anything or add my own agenda. I exist to break apart the silos and factions within an organization for a more transparent, open dialogue, innovation, collaboration and progress.


3. User Centered Design in tune with Business and Technology

As a designer, I aim to be a fierce advocate for users, and at the same time, deliver within budget on time. Business and Technology have their priorities and limitations, and Design needs to learn to compromise and negotiate, while still advocating for a seat at the table and never forgetting the users. I play well with senior stakeholders and engineers, and speak their languages.

Kazumi Terada | Product Design Leader